Anyone can train Krav Maga, independently of their sex, age, composition and physical preparation. We are currently enroling people from the age of 14.

The main requirement for the person wishing to practice Krav Maga are: no criminal conviction, mental, skin or severe cardiovascular diseases. Doctor’s medical certificate of the general state of health and permission to train, this could be issued by a family doctor. It is yours and your training partners health guarantee.

Our groups are mixed, men train with women. In the street, a potential attacker – a man, therefore, a mixed workout allows women to test their strength and skill with men who usually are bigger and stronger. Men, in turn, have the opportunity to assess women’s unpredictable way.

One training is going 1 – 1.2 hours, 2 – 3 lessons per week. Training consists of warm-up, fitness, the main part – self-defense. And the final part, where students are inputed to the mental or physical stress to approve the learned material.

The first trainings are about introductions. It is dedicated to enable you to become more familiar with Krav Maga, feel the training load, see your future partners. Also you will be able get more familiar with the instructor, to see how he works. This will help you to decide if you want to train with us.

Those who wishing to practice must complete a Krav Maga student profile, and Krav Maga lessons agreement/rules.

We look forward to see you.

Clothing and equipment

For the first trainings you will need:

  • sport shoes
  • sweatpants
  • lightweight shirts

For further training you will need:

  • Krav Maga clothing
  • groin protection (bandage)
  • kappa

Later it is desirable to have:

  • lower legs, hands guards
  • knee, elbow guards
  • struggle gloves
  • helmet with plastic a guard